Adirondack 46 Self-Supported FKT

It wasn’t meant to be a self-supported FKT. On August 6, 2016, I set out at 6:23 AM from Corey’s road to become the first woman to complete an unsupported thru hike of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. It didn’t happen. Temperatures soared into the high nineties, my ulcerative colitis flared up and I called it after twenty-three high peaks and one hundred and thirty miles.

The next day I got up and decided to finish one of my hike’s objectives. To climb all 46.

Here’s how the 13 days, 11 hours and 13 minutes played out:

Day 1: Started at 6:23 AM, Corey’s road, Seward, Donaldson, Emmons and Seymour

Randomly ran into two of my favorite hikers: Janet and Pin Pin (Later was kind enough to take a photo and send it to me after the effort)

Day 2: Panther, Couchsachraga, Santanoni and Allen

Day 3: Marshall, Cliff and Redfield

Day 4: Colden, Tabletop, Phelps, Nye, Street, Wright, Algonquin and Iroquois

Day 5: Gray, Skylight, Marcy, Haystack (Dropped unsupported effort)

Day 6: (Picked up as self-supported) Cascade and Porter

Day 7: Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge

Day 8: Whiteface and Esther

Day 9: Macomb, South Dix, Grace, Hough and Dix

Day 10: (Rest day) Family came to visit and I guided my mother and sister up Cascade

Rest day, guiding family on Cascade

Day 11: (Rest day) Family visit and no climbing

Day 12: Big Slide

Day 13: Dial, Nippletop, Blake and Colvin

Day 14: Lower Wolf Jaw, Upper Wolf Jar, Armstrong, Gothics, Sawteeth, Basin, finished 5:36 PM in the Garden parking lot

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