Aconcagua: The Airport

I hadn’t brushed my teeth in 24 hours. Albany to Atlanta, Atlanta to Santiago, and finally, Santiago to Mendoza. We’d been traveling for more than 24 hours by the time we checked into our hotel room. When I lay down, I appreciated the comfort found in a mattress and pillow. Oh, and the ability to rest horizontally.

The luggage

I love the excitement of travel and gestures of kindness that translate no matter what language you speak. I dread the long lines and the stuffiness that makes you go a little crazy. I love watching a movie on an overnight flight that I’d slated to watch in the theater and never got around too. I don’t relish sitting up for 9-14 hours straight. I love looking out the window at a new land and gasp at the split second when I question if I really have my passport. Hands into your pocket, there it is!

I love where planes take you.

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  1. Hope you’re all back safe and sound. My husband Al Mason will be home soon. What a drama you have all shared together. I hope it becomes a growth experience rather than a scar. Hugs to all. (Sarah – wife of Al Mason)


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