Aconcagua: Gear List

The La Sportiva G2 SM double mountaineering boots are broken in. The gear is lain out and my excitement builds. We fly out of Albany, NY on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been ready to jump on a plane for the past six months. I swear, these next twelve days are going to crawl by.

Aconcagua is a trek and climb, so you have to bring gear for 90 to -20 degrees. In July, perspective expedition members received a gear list. I printed it out and began checking off items I had and highlighting the items I needed to invest in. Over the holidays I treated myself to a shopping spree and with giddiness tore open packages with more excitement than I’d had as a kid on Christmas morning.

A sample of the trekking gear.

Here’s what I’m packing: ACONCAGUA GEAR LIST 2019
Clothing: Hiking socks with liners (2 pairs), hiking boots (make sure these are broken in), cold weather socks with liners (2 pairs), lightweight long underwear, tops and bottoms “expedition weight” long underwear, tops and bottoms pile jacket, pile trousers, pile balaclava, windbreaker, waterproof/breathable wind pants, waterproof/breathable synthetic or down parka with hood, warm cap, glove liners, mittens, over mitts, gaiters, sun hat, shorts/bathing suit, t-shirts, sunglasses, Tevas or the like for river crossings.

Camping Equipment: Day pack for carry-on, 5000 cubic inches pack for mountain, duffel bag with lock, sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, one water bottle parka, two one-liter water bottles, one one-liter pee bottle, altimeter, pocket knife, first aid kit (small), toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, sleeping bag (0 degrees to minus 20 degrees F), two foam pads, cup and spoon, headlamp (with fresh battery), cigarette lighter (small), water-purification supplies, four-season tent, stove, fuel bottles, and cooking pot.

Climbing Equipment: Double mountaineering boots, ice axe and crampons
Add for Polish Glacier: Prusiks, 50 meters of 9 mm rope, harness, ice screws, pickets and/or deadmen, pulleys, carabiners and runners
More Good Stuff: Notebooks, pens, pencils, Spanish/English dictionary, topo maps, guidebooks, cameras, and plastic bags (to repackage food, etc).

I’m also packing a book, hacky sac, playing cards and MP3 player. Inspiration, games and music are going to be clutch. Downloading my favorite jams and ready to go!

A sample of the mountaineering gear.
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